Margrethe Iren Pettersen( Tromsø,1977) is a florist and has a Bachelor from the Academy of Contemporary art in Tromsø. She is now based in Oslo, and will attend the MA program Art and Public Space at KHiO 2016-2018. Pettersen often use a place, a plant or an organism as her starting point in her work. She work process-based and her project is often connected. She collect plants, sounds and other materials, does field-recordings and interview people from different professions(scientist, botanist, biologist). Interdisciplinary, self-organized and collaboration is keywords for her practice. Her Sami roots and the oral tradition of knowledge dissemination in the north is methods she brought into her work lately.
She looks into different ways of disclosing art. Her work turns out in many different forms and medias,
from outdoor happenings, cultivation projects(hageninbetween) soundwalks (https://soundcloud.com/margrethe-pettersen )or more traditional pieces in a gallery. 

She often collaborates and besides her own practice, she has been in the board of Røst AIR, SDS (sami artist union), Loftet arbeidsfelleskap(studiocollective) and made HUS FORBI around her house.